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Our School

SL Next Level mission is to educate and empower individuals to their full potential and academic achievement. SL Next Level strives to recognize the unseen talent and helps students find their niche. Not only do we implement no self doubt to our students, but teach them to lead and take charge of any situation that is thrown their way. It’s important to encourage our students to reach and expand their education to become entrepreneurs and overall bosses to build their empires. SL Next Level Entertainment and Management Learning Center wants to help their students become more creative and make a difference in the world.

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Why Enroll With Us?

Professional Instructors

Learn in a structured business school environment. Do you know anybody who started their career in any field knowing everything there is to know at least of all in the public relations or media sector.  Let one of our instructors with five plus years in the industry help you along the way. Your instructor will add value to your learning experience. Our instructors are trained  to guide you through obstacles you may face and have the benefit of helping you evaluate certain challenges and/or situations.

Industry Insight

The entertainment industry is a field of employment related to television, theater, film and music. Entertainment describes any production or artistic work that entertains an audience through creations likes songs, theatrical shows or broadcasts. Public Relations is an strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and the public. Entertainment Management make sures to focus on managerial aspects of the entertainment industry like creating, managing, and identifying a specific product, service, or person. 

Easy Enrollment

You can start getting your certification now as fast as clicking the Apply Today. Earn Your Accredited certificate fast and easy, You CAN DO IT! 

Fully Accredited 

Develop a PR Strategy that aligns with your vision, goals as well as your career today! Earn a Public Relations Certificate from SL Next Level Learning Center, so check out our list of offered course! Certificate or Accreditation it's your choice! Don’t miss out! 

Our Academics

SL Next Level Learning Center makes sure no person or persons are left behind. Our academics range from public relations, assisting, entertainment management, business, marketing, and more! 

Business Oriented

Being business oriented is an effective tool in everyday life. Business oriented goes a long way, it increases your confidence and makes you a major pillar in the industry. Not only does it increase business growth and development, but it helps your overall experience and knowledge. When integrating your business with others, its imperative to stay organized so all your goals and steps to move forward gets accomplished. This industry is not your basic 9 to 5, so the learning experience is going to be different and helps you creatively.

Business Consulting for Professionals

If you are wanting to take your business to the next level or want to start your own business and dont have all the answers, then a consultation is best for you. Not only get one on one attention in a more intimate setting, but you will be able to get all your questions answered and even suggestions on how to make it better by experienced professionals. 

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