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Rather you are a beginner, already in the field, or even a pro this is the class for you! This six week course in public relations not only teaches you the fundamentals of public relations, but it will also dives into the following: different types of PR, the difference between a good and bad client, identifying your niche, crisis control, professionalism in the field with your clients. The curriculum will also include communicating with the media, strategic PR planning, marketing symposium, leadership symposium, targeting the proper audience, pitching clients and brands, and hiring and managing PR agencies. 

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Entertainment Management

This school is to make each student better, therefore do not hesitate to register because you feel its only for beginners! Our veterans in the game will also grow and become even better because we have some tricks of the trade to teach you as well! This class is designed to educate you on common issues and best practices in the management of arts and entertainment organizations. Students will gain a basic understanding of business requirements and challenges in producing entertainment. Topics include common management structures in not-for-profit and for-profit arts and entertainment companies, marketing, public relations, fundraising, budgeting, and human resources. Legal concerns such as contracts, copyright, licensing, and royalties will also be discussed.

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No matter where you’re at in your career, this course will teach you more about: active and passive methods of business, getting your buyer’s or clients attention and building relationships, and the critical importance of being able to understand the buyer’s context and perspective. In addition to decision making on your personal behalf and clients, modern management practices, finances, strategic thinking, information systems, importance of entrepreneurial practices, and more.



Have you ever wanted another stream of income? This is the class for you if you like working behind the scenes, working from home, or even a working mom! This six week course will teach the different types of assisting in the entertainment industry, proper professional client etiquette, importance of networking, tool and resources of how to find and maintain your clients, how to get started in this industry, boundaries and self care, picking the right clients and understanding all clients are not for you, importance of non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality, and overall tools on how to be successful in assisting and starting your own business

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You can never be too old to learn new information! Marketing trends are always changing and evolving, so make sure you sign up to not miss a beat. Digital marketing skills are in high demand. And though many of us are quite technologically savvy, digital marketing is not nearly as easy as it seems. Rather, it’s quite complex and involves several different strategies and moving parts. Get up to speed on marketing analytics, social media strategy, customer retention, and more. No matter where you’re at in your sales career, this course will teach you more about: active and passive buyers, getting buyers’ attention and building relationships, and the critical importance of being able to understand the buyer’s context and perspective.

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Everybody loves taking photos and capturing their memories! Rather you have been a photographer for a day or for 10 years this class will be beneficial! Students are introduced to the different kinds of modern cameras and how to use them, as well as film types, light metering, filters, the principles of flash photography, and photo enhancement techniques.This course is geared toward those who have some knowledge of photography, including an understanding of basic camera controls. Students then build on those fundamental concepts to master advanced techniques in lighting and storytelling.teaches the fundamentals and techniques used by contemporary photographic artists. In addition to practical skills, students also practice developing the creativity and artistic eye that allow them to express themselves through visual imagery. Editing and post-production techniques are also covered.Students learn how to analyze two- and three-dimensional images, as well as remove degradations. In addition, the course teaches methods for compressing, storing, and sharing video and digital images on different online platforms.

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