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SL Next Level mission is to educate and empower individuals to their full potential and academic achievement. SL Next Level strives to recognize the unseen talent and helps students find their niche. Not only do we implement no self doubt to our students, but teach them to lead and take charge of any situation that is thrown their way. It’s important to encourage our students to reach and expand their education to become entrepreneurs and overall bosses to build their empires. SL Next Level Entertainment and Management Learning Center wants to help their students become more creative and make a difference in the world. As our founder, Gen Johnson always says, “Thinking outside the box will set you apart."Every student should walk away feeling powerful and passionate about their dreams, goals, and ambitions. When you speak about SL Next Level, guest, teachers, and students will understand that it was a necessity and not a want to be apart of this great learning center. SL Next Level wants to impact each and every person that walks into our doors and change their lives for the better. Overall, SL Next Level Entertainment and Management Learning Center strives to be life changing and help our students understand they can overcome any obstacle or hurdle by pushing forward and using it as a learning experience. 




SL Next Level Entertainment and Management Learning Center aspires to be an exemplary public relations and management school in the nation. SL Next Level brings focus on all levels no matter what age, race, or walk of life you are currently in. SL plans to strive to help our students grow in mindfulness, happiness, and achieve their goals. Not only will you grow personally, but you will create your brand or expand your business. The entertainment industry is a tough industry to receive recognition, but SL Next Level encourages and strengthens our students to push through their fears and replace that fear with passion. We will have a transformative impact on society through continuous innovation, research, creativity, entrepreneurship, and empowerment. SL Next Level Entertainment and Management Learning Center is dedicated to the advancement of learning, finance advancement and serving the entertainment industry. 

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